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100% Volunteer

Current Apparatus:
Attack 21:
1999 Pierce Mini Pumper
500 GPM Pump
350 Gallon Water Tank
Provides Access to Narrow Roads and Driveways
Seating for 2 Personnel
Tanker 21:
2002 New Lexington Tanker
1000 GPM Pump
3000 Gallon Water Tank
3 Electric Dumps - Operable from Cab
Seating for 2 Personnel
Engine 21:
2006 KME Pumper on a Rescue Body
2250 GPM Hale Pump
1000 Gallon Water Tank
30 Gallon Foam Cell
30 kW Scene Lighting
QRS Certified by PA DOH
Seating for 8 Personnel
Utility 21:
2008 Ford F-350
9' Reading Truck Body
QRS Certified by PA DOH
Provides Transportation for Additional Manpower
Seating for 5 Personnel
Compartment Views
Duty Officer 21:
Compartment Views
2003 Chevy Tahoe
TO BE Equipped with a Command Box
Seating for 5 Personnel
Fire Police 21:
Compartment Views
1986 Ford E-450 with a Lexington Box
Equipped with Materials to Shut Down Roadways
Seating for 5 Personnel