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The Friendship Fire Company of Hellam is located in York County, Pennsylvania.  We are among approximately 60 departments that provide fire protection services to the county.  Our first-due area is in the eastern part of the county and consists of Hallam Borough and the western part of Hellam Township.  We also have mutual aid agreements throughout York and parts of Lancaster Counties.
Coverage Area:
Our primary coverage area is Hellam Township as well as Hallam and Wrightsville Boroughs.  Station 21 runs dual-dispatch with Wrightsville Fire Department (Station 41) for the majority of calls.  Collectively, the two stations are informally known as the Hellam Township Fire Department.  In other words, we work very closely with our brothers and sisters in Wrightsville to provide fire and rescue services to our township and boroughs.  The primary coverage area consists of 10,000 citizens residing in these three municipalities, which combined total approximately 29 square miles.  The area is made up of residential structures (high population density in the boroughs), industrial facilities, and commercial properties.
York County, Pennsylvania

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